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Welcome To SoulQuest

“Where great minds come together, egos are put aside and our time together is devoted to channelling healing light and love for world peace, healing of mankind, healing and protection of the animal kingdom and most importantly healing our host planet ‘mother earth’. By bringing light where there is darkness we WILL bring about CHANGE.”

~ Father Paul

What is SoulQuest?

SoulQuest is a group of like minded people who come together for the good of others and our host planet ‘mother earth’. Meeting regularly to channel light, love and peace. This group will help significantly in preparing the way for mankind’s future lifestyle changes.

Many are aware of current changes taking place around us, but the future holds many more changes before mother earth, herself a sentient being, begins the evolutionary change which she has done many times before.

We are a non-profit organization hosted by Banyan Retreat

We do not charge for attending our any of our monthly events.

Our Next Event:

Sunday 6th November, 2016

The contemplation this day will be:




Drinks, Cake and Biscuits


This Months Quote:

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless..”

— Jamie Paolinetti

Demonstration of Mediumship with Chris Connelly and Jan Dayton

Raising Funds for a Tree in Memory of Frank Milligan

Sunday 6th November, 2016 at 6pm


SoulQuest Carol Service

Sunday 18th December, 2016 at 3pm



Join us for a wonderful time of healing and relaxation

Private Sitting with Jan Dayton

Jan is a Clairvoyant and Spirit Portrait Artist, each private sitting includes a drawing. Sittings are available prior to each of our monthly meetings, and cost £40 for 30 minutes including a drawing.

Jan is also a Soul Plan Reader.

Mini Soul Plan Readings cost £40 and take around 40 minutes.
Full Soul Plan Readings cost £60 and take around 90 minutes.
Call 01233-714155 to book.

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