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Welcome To SoulQuest

“Where great minds come together, egos are put aside and our time together is devoted to channelling healing light and love for world peace, healing of mankind, healing and protection of the animal kingdom and most importantly healing our host planet ‘mother earth’. By bringing light where there is darkness we WILL bring about CHANGE.”

~ Father Paul

What is SoulQuest?

SoulQuest is a group of likeminded people who come together for the good of others and our host planet ‘mother earth’. Meeting regularly to channel light, love and peace. This group will help significantly in the evolution of our earth mother and humanity.

As the time of change is upon us – those who have followed SoulQuest over the years will be aware of the predictions regarding this change. With a little help from our friends let us hope this is a monumental change for humanity and we enter a time of love, peace and harmony.


We are a non-profit organization hosted by Banyan Retreat

We do not charge for attending our any of our monthly events.

SOUL POWER - Sitting in the Power with Nic

Join us for out Monthly Service

SoulQuest at Banyan Retreat is a not for profit organisation.  There are costs associated with broadcasting this event to over a hundred people and your donations allow us to continue doing this work which was requested by the Spirit world.  We much appreciate your contribution.

For the foreseeable future we are holding our SoulQuest service every Sunday at 3pm UK Time online via Zoom  It will be slightly different to our normal service but will include a 40 minute contemplation when we channel love, energy and healing for the earth, mankind and for the spirit world to use in whatever way they need at this time.

There will also be philosophy from Scott Milligan’s inspirers and Prayers from Anne Weyns.

I hope you can join us for one or all of our services.  Please use the form below to receive the Zoom link if you wish to participate.

Here is the link to join us on Zoom

Zoom: (https://zoom.us/j/93797005178)

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    Thank you for supporting Demelza Hospice Care for Children

    Banyan Retreat Christmas Charity Appeal 2020

    As you know each year we do much fundraising for Demelza Hospice Care for Children and so far this year we have raised over £3000. However, this Christmas time we have a greater challenge as there will be no Christmas Tree sittings due to the Covid 19 pandemic and therefore no toys to donate. Fundraising events have been more of a challenge as they all have to be online.

    So for this year, we have decided to give all SoulQuest event donations given to us during the months of November and December to Demelza.

    If you would like to make a personal donation, please click the link below. Please give generously and support these terminally ill children.

    Most Recent Recorded SoulQuest Service

    13th September 2020 with Mavis Pittilla

    Join us for a wonderful time of healing and relaxation

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