Welcome To SoulQuest

We give thanks to Morning Star - whose words
inspired the foundation of SoulQuest in August 2009.

“Where great minds come together, egos are put aside and our time together is devoted to channelling healing light and love for world peace, healing of mankind, healing and protection of the animal kingdom and most importantly healing our host planet ‘mother earth’. By bringing light where there is darkness we WILL bring about CHANGE.”

~ Father Paul

What is SoulQuest?

SoulQuest is a group of likeminded people who come together for the good of others and our host planet ‘mother earth’. Meeting regularly to channel light, love and peace. This group will help significantly in the evolution of our earth mother and humanity.

As the time of change is upon us – those who have followed SoulQuest over the years will be aware of the predictions regarding this change. With a little help from our friends let us hope this is a monumental change for humanity and we enter a time of love, peace and harmony.

Mother Earth

Our Earth Mother is a centient being who is evolving into the next stage of her journey


Giving our love and energy for those in the Spirit world to use as they wish


A time for us to give back, sending healing around the world for thoise in need

Science and Spirit - A Healing Journey

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SoulQuest at Banyan Retreat is a non profit organisation. There are costs associated with broadcasting this event to over a hundred people and your donations allow us to continue doing this work which was requested by the Spirit world. We much appreciate your contribution.

How to Join Us

The SoulQuest Service takes place each Sunday at 3pm (UK Time) online via Zoom It includes a 40 minute contemplation when we channel love, energy and healing for the earth, mankind and for the spirit world to use in whatever way they need at this time.

Anne Weyns will lead us in prayer and there will also be philosophy.

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    There are no SoulQuest services

    between Christmas and New Year

    Supporting Demelza Hospice Care for Children

    Supporting Demelza Hospice Care for Children

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    Last year we reached our goal of £5000 for Demelza Hospice Care for Children, please help us to raise a similar amount this year for this amazing charity. Any donations you send will be given to Demelza as they need as much help as possible to get them through this very difficult time.

    I thought it would be nice to share with you a video which you will find below. This video shows the hard work carried out by Team Demelza – looking after over 600 children in their care.

    If you would like to make a personal donation, please click the link below. Please give generously and support these terminally ill children.

    Darcey's Story

    What People Are Saying


    Thanks for a wonderful Soulquest presentation today!  The theme of today’s contemplation goes hand in hand with a recent conversation.


    Thank you Nic and Steven

    Thank you so much for the commitment and dedication of leading everyone into such a beautiful place of love and healing.
    Something you have brought to Many.
    Betty and Gwyn

    Elizabeth Williams


    Really, this is a simple message of gratitude to you and your guide who spoke through you this morning.
    I know this was a message for many, but it resonated so much with me that it felt very personal.


    Thank You

    Just to say thank you to all for a wonderful service we had this afternoon. I absolutely love the meditation – it’s just beautiful! Love and light to you all…


    Coming Together

    Dear Nic & Steven
    I absolutely love the Sunday SoulQuest where we all come together in gratitude and love.
    It is profound and important in our lives to give back. The Philosophy is absolutely divine and so inspirational in all that is spoken.
    Thank you Anne for the beautiful soulful and inspired prayers.
    This takes me to a totally different place and I feel so blessed and honoured to join in. Thank you for all you do
    Karen O’Neill

    karen jane o'neill


    Thanks so much for these sessions. The addresses of you and your guides are always moving.


    Merry Christmas

    Dear Nic, I just wanted to wish yourself and Stephen a very Happy Christmas!

    It was a really uplifting Soul Quest service on Sunday. You made a real effort to make it super festive. The tinsel scarf looked fabulous! The thoughtful readings, stories and songs all contributed to a beautiful service of which I am very grateful, especially after the recent announcements.

    Thank you for all you do for us. Have a very Merry Christmas both, however you may be spending it. Much love

    Sian Negal

    Wonderful Contemplation

    Thank you for the most wonderful contemplation this afternoon.


    A Recently Recorded SoulQuest Service

    SoulQuest Service 20th March, 2022

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    Join us on Sunday for a wonderful time of Healing and Relaxation