Morning Star Speaks

To bring light where there is darkness, to bring healing where there is sickness and ill-health, to bring peace where there is unrest and to bring love in abundance where there is not.

Following is the full transcript of the conversations with our friend Morning Star which launched SoulQuest in August 2009. When opportunity permits we ask Morning Star for further guidance in our Quest – all information is listed below with the associated audio.

Chief Morning Star

‘Chief Morning Star’ also known as ‘Chief Dull Knife’ who was born in 1810 and passed to spirit in 1883.

Click below to listen to Morning Star saying a few words about his life and his people when he walked on the earth.

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Guidance From Morning Star


Nic my son, twelve moons have passed since I came in this way to give the love of the eternal land. With these twelve moons that have passed, your world, the children of the light have seen so much unrest. Tears of sadness have been shed by the people of your world. They do not wipe the tear, they respond with the closed hand to inflict pain and suffering to the brothers of your world.This time that you have sat this day, the light from your hearts has grown bright and touched many who you will not meet with your earthly eyes. This great power that pulses through your being, is the divine love from the eternal land. Do not allow your hearts to be saddened, as your earthly eyes just see anger, divisions of religion, colour and creed. The great power moves in the thread of love that weaves and binds them all. Does the warmth of the sun weep as it gives good times, from the coldness of the moon to know that the seasons have changed, and the mighty tree is stripped bare of its beauty with the leaf. To look of no life, no warmth or power but in this time of retreat, nourishment is drawn from the great mother as the moon hands back to the great sun. The great power will pulse for the leaves to grow once more.Many religions have many names, and many deities, gods and symbols that cause so many wars and unrest. Take away one religion, those who follow that symbol do not feel love or compassion. Men and women of your world will unite once more as this great truth of love and compassion is the true root of all religion. No religion or God is above one another, each of you carry the light of love of the embodiment of God within you. As one light draws dim within your world to shine bright within the world that is beyond your vision, many tears will be shared in the year to come from this day. Mother Earth will struggle to evolve once more, where the mighty buffalo will stamp and the ground will shake. Do not weep for those who come to our world, show love and compassion for the brothers and sisters that are left questioning the love and compassion of another. More stars will be born to guide all within your world, the children, the new life that is being welcomed will carry a vibration of understanding to bring that what is out of balance back into balance.

We within the world that is beyond your vision will stand at the shores of this our world, watching, guiding sharing love and compassion. We will not tell you what you can do within your world, what pathway to walk, we share our love if you desire to drink from the cup, to then tread your own footsteps in the sands of time, to inspire others by your own example of embodiment of love. This day is a day of celebration where our worlds can move as one, your day you may have looked with sad times as your brothers and sisters have not joined you this day, but to know there is a mighty power of many souls that join you now, each of you who are thought of another with your tokens of hearts and the lighting of lights, being remembered, being touched by your love, no earthly words can express the love that we have for each of you. To take comfort to know that each time when you go to your place of rest your thoughts come to our world and we answer your prayers.

Once more walk to the beat of your hearts, as I honour my father as I walk to the beat of his drum. My words are becoming a distant memory being carried on the breath of the wind but one more will blow when twelve moons have passed but do not doubt that I stand with each of you as a friend to all. Even though we love the one that sits, we love each of you as well. Let us now rejoice in the great truths of the great power of the great spirit, in this time of celebration as my words will fall silent to you all. As I withdraw to the world that awaits you, many souls of light come and sing to you now, to give each of you the eternal case of the eternal land. As you extinguish your lights the light will then radiate out to another, embodiment of your love of the one true creation of the Great Spirit.

Your world at this time is changing in vibration. The moon that you look to for great inspiration has changed in vibration as well. That is affecting the sensitive minds of all, you will see in your coming days the effects of this vibration. Please do not turn your back to the light, but continue to walk forward with truth and love within your heart. We gave you the inspiration for ‘Quest of the Soul’, this light is touching many in the greater world, even times when you’re gathering is small in number, the light is brighter than your sun. We will always support those who carry the love with you, and those who think of those fellow brothers and sisters whose lives have been touched through the word death and disease. Do not allow ego to rule the house of the kingdom of your soul. I know these words are not needed for those present, but needed for those who listen to these words. With warmth in my heart I will now say my farewells (good word – yes?) to each of you. What makes me very happy is that you felt my power and you felt my love, only true friends can recognise a brother or sister before a word is said.

The World, our Brother Eagle, Sister Star, Mother Earth, Father Sky – we come in balance of one another.
We watched your world with fascination; how it has evolved; how war, famine, fire, drought has come across your land. And now all great nations, now are listening to one another, now they come and help their brothers and their sisters. There is more work, more tears to come.

The power that you my friends are creating with the Quest of the Soul, you are helping to bring the light to the darkest places of your lands. You asked for guidance and we have given you a footstep that is in front; how a simple thought has become a reality in your world through the effort of our friend that has now brought you all here. You are all laying the foundations of tomorrow. There has been much that has happened that has affected the lives of those in your world. Comforting to know that you are responding to their cries.

The holy man is not the one that stands and delivers the message from the dead. It is the man that goes and helps their fellow man when that man has fallen into darkness. That is the path of a holy man – we will listen to our ancestors speak, we hear with clear ears the white man the red tongue that means nothing but they come as one voice.

Even though your world has changed but so has the Quest of the Soul – how it has gone from the infinite seed, of that seed that has been planted within the mind of yourself, how much it has grown and blossomed and inspired the minds of those who come to listen to your words. Understand of course as it grows it will change as well – stand firm in your decisions, do not be like the grass that bends in the wind. Be like the tall ones and stand firm – it does not bend in the great wind. You do not need this young man to have my council as we walk by your side – sometime we whisper and you cannot hear, but know that we talk to you and we will get our words to your ears somehow. It is the way of the Great Spirit – it is the way that has been decided many moons before.

Thank you my friends – I come to speak to my brother and sisters, of the joining of our world with yours on this joyous occasion of the Quest of the Soul, which was born to this world twelve moons ago, and was born to my world many moons before. How much it has grown in this short time, through your love and understanding, for your care for your fellow man. As I walk to the beat of my fathers drum, you walk to the beat of your heart. The love that you have for the unseen world, that we walk amongst you this day, what has started will continue and this endless life that has started this day will radiate out to eternity. As you walk this path of unfoldment, to the endless sunshine that awaits you, to know that the life you live now is the shortest part of your journey.

As I stand at the shores of my world, I see how your modern world has changed. How you my friends, send out the light to your world. That which has been brought out of balance will be brought back into balance. You speak of time where this world that you live upon will strive to evolve, use this time not of sadness, but to use this time of great healing for all humanity in your world. As I say, as I have done before, “No matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain cannot bow, cannot be shaken by the hand of man”.

There is a lie in your world and that is death, and that is the greatest lie, as there is no death, there is only a change in your consciousness, to know that you have not lost those who you hold dear in your heart as it has been proven this day. Remember my friends that we walk amongst you, you are never alone. As I come before you as a humble servant of the Great White Spirit, may the blessings of the Tatanka be with you all, and those whom you hold in your heart this day.

We thank you for spending time, as your world is governed by time, to be involved so long from my world, we thank you humbly.

Welcome – I come to speak my brothers and sisters helping you along the pathway of unfoldment in this way of working. Star is delighted to be given the opportunity to speak with you again. My English is better by the white man’s tongue. I make fun – yes! Welcome my friends. I stand with great fascination. Seeing the path of unfoldment in this place with your endeavours – a great fascination in words that have been spoken this day, about how the world is all to change. As the Mother Earth struggles and strives to evolve, that mankind must also learn to evolve. There is much talk on both sides about how the time of change is upon you. This time of change has been for many, many moons, and will continue for further moons to come. When the earth below your feel will evolve. Have you not noticed with your earthly eyes, so much destruction, by the hand of man by our Mother Earth to bring that which is out of balance back into balance, that mankind cannot fight for what is not rightly theirs. This sentient being that you now call home, earth, planet, for every bomb that drops this beautiful creation feels pain. For pollution, for toxins that flows now in the blood of the earth, poisoning and killing that of beauty. It is time for this the Mother Earth to reclaim that that has been stolen. Look back my friends, by looking back you will learn the way to look forward, for past civilizations far beyond my time, they had the privilege of information far beyond their years, but through the ego of man has lead to the whole destruction. Do you not believe that they did not have signs from the earth of great earthquakes or the blood of the earth run across the land, can you not learn from the past that this your earth is calling out for love and compassion. That is why my friends you have my blessing and the blessing of those who wander in my world for the Quest known as Soul. You have our full support. I know my friend that sometimes you feel in darkness and cannot see the way forward, we hear your hear your cry but we do not cry we hold and lift you in the way we know how, stay rooted stay focused and stay true to one’s self and you will go far with your group. As this you know as SoulQuest, there have been whispers in my world for many moons before the seed had been planted in your mind. We need gentle persuasion, gentle point in right direction, I am delighted my friend that I have been able to inspire you and for that you give me great honour.

I am delighted in what you have achieved, and be truthful in all you do. Remember if your intention is honourable, all is possible. If you desire to be a star and seek fame then you do so, but remember, all stars in your world fade and disappear but if you contribute to humanity then you will live forever.

You have my full blessing because you are changing your world – you may not see with your eyes, but I see with mine and I see how many people you are helping and what you all do as a group.

You may be small in number in your world but you are great in number in my world. When you come to send out the light, we are drawn to the light, you have my full blessing and the blessing of my people.


There are a group of people who are associated with this centre in many different ways, who are prepared and very keen to dedicate some of their time and their effort to the work of spirit. I feel that this is a very dedicated group of individuals that will grow in number over time, and we seek some direction as to how to use our energy, and how to use our time most effectively to help the spirit world.

Morning Star

My Friend- there are so many people in your world who wish to stand in front of many to give proof of survival after physical death, yes? But they do not hear or understand the negativity of your world. What would be beneficial my friend, as this world goes through a time of change, would be to disband the darkness in your world. Send you healing thoughts of prayer and comfort to those who are in need of the light. There is much change in your world and there is much resistance to change. There are many wars in your world, started by the ego of those who run your land. You do not see them my friends, standing on the front line – do you not? Times are different in your world, but use the light to inspire those who govern your nations, for them to have clarity of thought, for them to understand there is no war.

With your friends who come, have them sit to send out the light, the truth, the love, to end the wars, to end the suffering. For every bomb dropped it does end life, but no one considers the pain, the shock to the world that you walk upon, as she is a sentient being.

Do you understand?


Yes I do, thank you very much that is most helpful.

Morning Star

I would advise you my friend to start to sit to build the power of light. So that when the time comes for man to lay down the weapons and embraces the problems, learn from the past mistakes my friends. Modern weapons kill the body – yes? But also killing the earth for every bomb dropped, as the blood seeps into the earth, it poisons and kills. It is fed by darkness but can be overcome by light. I hope this inspires you to go forward.


Most definitely.

Morning Star

Too many people wish to stand but not many wish to devote their time to send out the light.


We have a good group of people who will be dedicated to this work. We will do our best and hopefully as we go forward we will look to you for a little further guidance in the work that we do. If you would be willing to offer that as we go forward.

Morning Star

If you intentions are honourable – which I know they are. I will support all of your work.


That is very kind of you and means a lot to us.

Morning Star

Thank you for opening your heart as well as your home. As a lamp to benefit the great – yes?


Thank you my friend.

Morning Star

Welcome – yes.


There will come a time that your world will strive to evolve yet again, when she is ready. As you know my friends, the time of change is upon your world, where your world struggles to evolve, to lift its own vibration. This is a continuation of its own existence until such time that the world ceases to be a sentient being, and returns to the greater existence. Then by that time, mankind will have evolved as well, but your earthly eyes will not see this my friends. There have been many civilizations in the past which have been forgotten in your modern world. But you my friends, have adapted and learned from this. Is your world not crying out, and waters running across the lands, the earth is changing my friends, and you my friends must change with it. Unfortunately mankind do not understand, they wish to destroy, and be destructive and not constructive.

My friends – the time of change is upon you – yes? It has been planned for many years, some are privileged and lucky enough to survive the modern world and constraints of the energy know as money and material things. This process will still continue for another ten years or more, but they must find themselves first. Remember my friends the times will change and there will come a time when the waters change direction and will cause resistance until the flow is restored.

Our most sincere thanks to Scott Milligan and his friends who work with him, and inspire him, for allowing this most valuable communication to take place.